Industrial Generators For Sale

Industrial Generators For Sale. Much like commercial generators need special attention. At Generator Brothers, Inc we specialize in all things generator sales and consulting. We well all the major trusted brands of large output industrial sized generators. Nursing homes, hospitals, and other crucial life saving businesses who need BIG reliable power trust us to set them up with the right generators. 

Customization Around Unique Needs

Our largest partners Generac & Cummins, have found, that most large commercial and industrial applications have unique needs requiring custom specifications. This may include factors such as the electrical or fuel requirements of the generator – or the installation location—on an outside pad, indoors, parking garage, or up on a rooftop. In many cases, a generator system may need to be configured to meet specific noise obligations, or NFPA code requirements.
Therefore each industrial generator purchase requires an electrical meeting, weeks or months of preparation before install can begin. If your facility is a new construction project this will begin at construction & engineering phases with project managers. 

An "industrial" grade standby generator is typically designed and built to meet the higher power demands and reliability requirements of commercial and industrial applications. These generators are often diesel powered generators used to provide backup power for critical facilities such as hospitals, data centers, manufacturing plants, and other facilities where power outages can have serious consequences.

Some of the key features that differentiate industrial-grade standby generators from other types of generators include:

  1. Power output: Industrial-grade generators are designed to produce higher power outputs than residential or portable generators, typically ranging from 50 kW to several megawatts.

  2. Durability and reliability: Industrial generators are built to withstand continuous use and harsh operating conditions, such as extreme temperatures and high humidity. They also typically have longer maintenance intervals and longer service life than residential generators.

  3. Advanced controls and monitoring: Industrial generators often have advanced controls and monitoring systems to ensure proper operation and prevent damage. These systems can include automatic transfer switches, remote monitoring and control capabilities, and self-diagnostic systems.

  4. Compliance with industry standards: Industrial generators are designed and tested to comply with industry standards such as National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards, and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards.

Overall, the term "industrial" is used to differentiate these generators from other types of generators that are designed for residential or light commercial use. Industrial-grade standby generators are engineered for high performance, durability, and reliability to meet the needs of critical facilities that require uninterrupted power for sites like hospitals, airports, data centers, construction sites, nursing homes and more.